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Name County Telephone Classes
Howick, Clare Of Glendale (Lady) Northumberland 01665 577624 HBRC, SH,
Hubbard, Jane (Mrs) Rutland 07724998990 HBRC, RH,
Hunnable, Chris (Mr) Essex 01245 231215 RH, SH,
Hunter (nee Hollands), Jane (Mrs) Scotland 07968 030674 RH,
Hurst, Charlotte (Ms) Worcestershire 353 0871717793 LRO, RO,
Iggulden, Richard (Mr) Co Down 02897521591 HBRC, RH,
Ingle, David Edward (Mr) Northamptonshire 07809764490 HBRC, RH, SH,
James, Yvette (Miss) Somerset PJ,
Jefferson, Josephine (Mrs) North Yorkshire 07801 353435 HBRC, SH,
Jenkins, Joanne (Mrs) Buckinghamshire 01280 817294 HBRC,
Jerram-Hunnable, Katie (Mrs) Essex 07860272155 HBRC, RH, LH, SH,
Jones, Gillian (Mrs) Glos 01684 833254 HBRC, SH,
Jones, Martin (Mr) Gwent 01633 877107 HBRC, SH,
Keen, John (Mr) Monmouth 07730 474779 HBRC, SH,
Keen, Vicki (Mrs) Monmouth 07730 474779 HBRC,
Kellard-Smith, Sarah (Mrs) Wilts 07507964703 PJ,
Kellow, David Charles (Mr) Suffolk 01284 828788 HBRC,
Killingbeck, Lucy (Mrs) Glos 01453 542401 HBRC, RH, SH,
King, Leon Stuart (Mr) Hampshire 07941 744610 PJ, RO,
King, Rosemary (Mrs) Gloucestershire 01452 770404 HBRC, RH, LH,


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